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Gay Dating 101: Key First Date Dos and Don’ts

It goes without saying that gay dating isn’t exactly a cake walk. Not only do gay men deal with many of the same pitfalls and concerns straight people do, but there are plenty of additional concerns to grapple with for good measure. This is especially the case when it comes to first dates. Doubly so if you’ve either been off the market for a while and aren’t quite sure you still understand how gay dating works or are fresh out of the closet and just getting started for the first time!

 The bad news is gay men as a community are still in the process of figuring this whole dating thing out. Unlike straight people, gays don’t have years of established social blueprints and dating traditions to default to if things get confusing. That means we borrow a lot from straight

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10 Important Dating Truths All Single Gay Men Should Know

It goes without saying that singlehood is a different experience for everyone. Some people hate being single and are pretty much counting the days until they have a new reason not to hate Valentine’s Day anymore. Others love being single, equating it with absolute freedom and limitless fun. However, it’s even more common to go back and forth between the two.

Gay relationships naturally come attached to their own unique dynamics, but one thing remains pretty true for gay men in general. Whether or not you’re loving the single life, you don’t want to miss out on the potential it’s bringing to the table right now. The following are just a few of the most important things every gay man should know if he’s currently single and dating.

1. When someone really likes you, you’ll know it.

Gay men spend a lot of

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Should You Tell Your Straight Friend You’re Attracted to Him?

If you’re a gay man, then it’s probably pretty safe to say you’ve had your share of crushes on straight guys before and with good reason. To begin, with there are a lot of them out there, so we spend our fair share of time around them at work, as friends, or as acquaintances. It’s all too easy and natural for an attraction to eventually develop as you get to know someone. Plus, more than a few of us have fantasized about being the one to bring out a straight guys naughtier side.

Even so, it’s one thing to have feelings for a straight friend and entertain the occasional sexual fantasy now and then. It’s another to actually bring those feelings out into the open. Is it something you should ever consider doing? If you decide you do want to go for it, how

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