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5 Ways GuyHop Makes Hooking Up Easier Than Ever

Let’s face it. Every gay or bi guy who likes to play the field likes a nice, no-strings-attached hookup once in a while. Thanks to modern technology, hooking up is easier than ever before and thankfully no longer requires a trek to the nearest gay bar. It can be tough to know which of the many apps and options out there is the best possible fit for you though.

 GuyHop has a lot in common with popular gay and bi hookup apps like Scruff and Grindr. However, it also brings a lot to the table that most of the other options don’t. The following are just a few ways GuyHop is helping sexy gay and bi guys everywhere take their cruising game to the next level. 

  1. Privacy is a top priority. 

Who you hook up with, as well as when and how, is

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Texting for Gay Men 101: How to Actually Make the Impression You Want

For something that’s been a huge part of how we communicate for years and years now, texting still really has a way of puzzling people. So many gay guys still haven’t gotten the hang of how to do it right and even fewer have mastered the fine art of texting etiquette, especially when it comes to communicating with potential dates or hookups. That said, you’ve got a golden opportunity to set yourself apart in all the right ways by finally learning how to text like a pro. Here are a few rules, tips, and pointers to help you get it right. 

Be responsive. 

The great thing about texts as compared to phone calls is they’re low pressure. People know they’re not demanding someone’s immediate attention the way they are when they call, and those receiving the

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