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Am I a Bisexual Man? How to Figure It Out and What to Do Next

The more we come to understand about human sexuality, the more we realize most people aren’t truly as straight as they think they are. Sexual orientation isn’t as black or white as was once assumed either, but rather something that exists on a sliding scale that ranges from very gay to very straight.

That said, it makes sense that a lot of people would land somewhere on the middle of that scale, but how can you really know whether or not you do? And if you decide that you are in fact bisexual, what does that mean for your self-image, your sex life, and your future relationships? Maybe it’s time to find out. And there are lots of bisexual myths that you should at least be aware of. 

Bisexual or Just Bi-Curious?

If you’re currently wondering whether or not you’

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9 Things to Keep in Mind When Dating Bisexual Men

Maybe you’re currently interested in a guy that just so happens to be bisexual. Maybe you’re simply in search of useful information that might come in handy one day in the event you ever are. Whatever the case may be, it’s only natural to wonder what might be different about dating a bi guy as compared to dating other gay men if you’re new to the experience.

In some ways, dating an amazing bisexual stud isn’t a lot different from dating anyone else, but it comes alongside its share of challenges as well. Here we’ll go over a few things every gay guy should keep in mind if he also dates or is interested in bisexual men. We’ll debunk a few stubborn myths as well as go over a few must-know tips for making sure things

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