Tips for Gay Dating and Gay Hookups

8 Tips for Scoring Great Gay Dates a Lot More Often

It probably goes without saying that dating is nothing if not a challenge here in 2018. This is the case even if you’re straight, but gay people tend to have their own unique obstacles to tackle on top of everything else. There’s certainly a fine art getting things just right, so it definitely pays to be open to learning.

The following guidelines are well worth considering for anyone who’d like to raise the bar when it comes to the quality of their dating life. However, they’re also things gay guys in particular would really do well to take more seriously. (Yes, sir. We’re looking at you.) Which ones have your attention?

  1. Learn to ask better questions.

We get it. You have to start somewhere when you’re trying to strike up a conversation with someone new, but still. You&

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8 Easy-To-Miss Clues That He Might Actually Be Gay

When it comes to spotting other gay people, a lot of us come equipped with a gaydar that’s spot on. Every so often though, we’ll run into someone that’s doesn’t really present as clearly gay or straight, leaving us stumped. Of course, if it’s super important that you know one way or the other, you can always just ask the person if they’re gay (and if you’re actually comfortable doing that, more power to you).

For those of us that aren’t quite that blunt, it’s definitely still possible to figure things out on your own. You just need to know what you’re looking for. After all, you can’t always tell definitively from scrutinizing someone’s mannerisms or looking at who they hang out with. Some of the

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Gay Dating 101: The Dos and Don’ts of Hooking Up

If you’re a gay guy that really enjoys the occasional quick hookup once in a while, you naturally don’t need to be told that dating interfaces like Grindr, Scruff, and GuyHop are absolute godsends. You get to feast your eyes on single, available, local hotties right from the comfort of your own home. Dating and hookup apps also ensure that your next hot date is literally only a quick search and a few taps away.

Convenient doesn’t necessarily mean effortless though. There’s still a fine art to doing things right and making sure you get the type of experience you’re actually looking for. The following are a few dos and don’ts that will definitely make the process of scoring satisfying, worthwhile hookups a lot simpler and easier.

  1. DO know what you’re looking for.


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How to End a Gay “Friends with Benefits” Relationship on Good Terms

If you’re a gay man that’s into casual sex, you probably don’t need to be told that a good FWB is worth his weight in gold. He’s definitely a friend, so you can totally be yourselves around each other. You can talk, laugh, and have a good time doing just about anything that strikes your fancy. Then when you’re horny, you get to enjoy all the benefits of sex without the drama that would usually come with it.

However, even really great friends-with-benefits relationships eventually come to an end. Maybe you’re developing feelings for the person that you’re just not comfortable with or maybe you’re just not feeling it anymore for whatever reason. Perhaps you’ve met someone else and want to explore a relationship with that person. Whatever the case may be,

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10 Persistent Bisexual Myths We All Need to Stop Perpetuating

If you’re gay, it goes almost without saying that you also know what it’s like to be stereotyped. It’s something just about every community on the planet has had to deal with from time to time and the LGBTQ community is definitely no exception. Thankfully, people are a lot more socially aware than they once were, so it’s a lot less common to run into someone that truly doesn’t have a clue what it does (and doesn’t) mean to be gay.

However, myths and erroneous beliefs about bisexuals persist and not just among straight people either. Quite a few gay people are guilty of stereotyping bisexual people too and it’s really time we stopped. The following are just a few of the most persistent myths that need to be banished ASAP. How many are you guilty

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