Tips for Gay Dating and Gay Hookups

4 Game Changing Features to Look for in Your Next Gay Cruising App

As useful as popular dating apps like Tinder can be when you're looking for the right connection, they're definitely notalways the right fit for everyone. Sometimes a guy just wants some easy, no-strings-attached action with another guy without having to figure out who on a given platform is actually looking for the same thing.

Making the switch to a platform that's all about gay hookups and nothing but is a good place to start for sure. However, there's more you should be looking for if you're serious about having the best possible user experience. Here are a few essentials to start with.

1. Strong Priority Placed on Privacy

Let's face it. No matter how sex-positive and open you are as a person, what you do with other consenting adults in private is nobody's business but yours. However, not every dating or hookup interface takes privacy as seriously as you'd hope.

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Is It Possible to Be Gay and Not Know It?

We've all heard stories about gay or queer people who've been aware of who and what they were their entire lives. Many can even remember having their first crushes on people of the same sex way back when they were kids. However, while some people self-identify as gay, bi, or queer very early in life, it's important to realize that other people have a much less straightforward journey to self-realization.

Even here in the 21^st^ century, most people still assume straightness of others unless they have a good reason not to. Many folks even assume it of themselves, especially if they come from conservative backgrounds, so yes. It's entirely possible to be gay and not really know it. However, there are usually signs that point toward the truth. Do any of the following sound familiar?

Lack of Desire for the Opposite Sex

It's more common than you think for

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Queer Threesomes 101: A Checklist for You and Your Partner

It's finally happening! After ages of simply fantasizing about it, you've finally talked to your partner about having a threesome, and he was just as interested in the idea as you were. Of course, you're excited, not to mention eager to take the next step and get right down to business.

Don't make the mistake of simply diving right in at the earliest opportunity though. Threesomes are just like anything else worth doing in life in that planning things out properly makes for a much better experience all around. The following are just a few of things you'll want to keep in mind.

Come to an Agreement on Ground Rules

Picking out a guy together the next time you hit your favorite bar and letting things unfold spontaneously may sound sexy, but you really want to talk things out first. Communication is key when it comes to any sort of

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Should You Get a Sugar Daddy: Ways Becoming a Sugar Baby Changes Your Life

If you're a smart, desirable, young gay man thinking about scoring yourself a sugar daddy, you're far from alone. As amazing as traditional dating and relationships can be when things are really working out, those things can also come with a lot of stress and uncertainty. The allure of sugar dating is that -- similarly to a lifestyle that revolves around casual sex and hooking up instead of commitment -- it promises to put a stop to everything you hate about traditional dating, including the drama and the heartbreak.

That makes it a great fit for those who prefer to keep things casual without any strings attached, but are ready to try something a little different. However, it can trigger some pretty amazing changes when it comes to the rest of your life as well. Here's a closer look at just a few of them.

You get to find out

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How To Make Hellish Hookups a Thing of the Past

If you can't imagine life without GuyHop, Grindr, and Scruff, then you don't need to be told there's a lot to like about hookups when they actually go well. You get laid by a hot guy you're wildly attracted to, but it's understood that the two of you don't owe each other anything else. You have your good time and then go about your separate lives... or at least that's the way you hope things will go.

As awesome as great hookups can be, the really bad ones are often bad enough to make you rethink casual sex altogether. Thankfully there is such a thing as a game plan that can make it easier to shut a really bad hookup down before things have a chance to get out of hand. Here's how to put it into play for yourself.

His Place or Yours?

Although everyone has their preferences as

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